Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Toxin - #atozchallenge

Toxin always sounds like such a bad word but sometimes it can be turned into something good. I got my injections today. I get Xeomin, a type of Botox (made from the Botulinum Toxin) for Dystonia. You've all heard of Botulism, which is where the Botulinum Toxin comes from, it is one of the most lethal toxins known to man. It has even been considered to be used as biological weapon. my case and for many others, they have turned it into something that helps. 

Injecting Botox into my spasming muscles, blocks the signals my brain is sending and calms them down, allowing me to hold my head in a normal position. It also helps relieve some of the pain. As they inject, they can see how much each muscle is spasming by looking at the screen, a calm muscle would show a flat line. I get these injections every 10-12 weeks and get about 10 shots in my neck & shoulders. With these injections come a lot of side effects, but once I'm through those, brighter days are ahead. 

So today, as much as I dislike this procedure and hope someday that there is a better solution....I am thankful. Thankful for science, my doctors and thankful for the reprieve it gives me. Oh and thankful for my docs steady hands! :-) 

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