Advanced dentistry journals governed by strong code of ethics

In this case, the strong code of ethics has been encapsulated in the following terms. The online journal of dentistry includes the following credos; professional responsibility, environmental responsibility, clinical pertinence and beneficence. This short article strives to briefly explain what is understood by these values. First let us mention how the system works. A team of dedicated dental practitioners or periodontists continue to combine dental literature that is all peer reviewed.

The mission is to provide colleagues with vital information within a paperless system, thus living up to the code of being environmentally responsible. It is estimated that previously, a single medical journal resulted in one and a half million pages being printed in a single month. The motto is to exercise leadership by going digital in all practices as far as possible. Putting this into practice may cause others to take note and follow the good example.

It should go without saying that medical practitioners should always be practicing professional responsibility. The need to provide online readers with information, reviews, research findings and introduction of new clinical techniques certified as peer reviewed is part of that responsibility. What happens is that qualified and knowledgeable and experienced dental practitioners are able to make their own contributions in voicing either approval or disapproval of new material or information being released online.

Clinical pertinence simply entails making all material as accessible as possible to all those who will derive benefit from it. Beneficence is an encouragement to all new visitors to begin making their own contributions towards their expanding online dental journal. And it is the patient that benefits the most. Today, and up to a point, patients also have access to journal and peer review materials all archived online.